Ministry initiatives at the church and the youth club

These are the latest planned ministry projects of the church outreach and youth club ministries. Please, pray as the Lord puts these works on your heart.

1) Christmas outreach: the youth to visit an orphanage in December (as we did last year) for sharing the gospel message of hope (and telling the kids that they do indeed have a Heavenly Father that loves them), music, games and Christmas presents.

2) Evangelism: Launching a weekly youth/young adult worship night as a means to attract non-church-going youth and young adults. This form of worship will combine music and various art forms to convey the truths of the scriptures. This weekly event will be led by youth and overseen by the leadership team of the church.

3) Church Enrichment: Monthly men’s and women’s prayer breakfast. These gatherings are intended to deepen the relationships of those already attending the church, as well as providing an opportunity for men and women to invite their non-Christian friends to a light breakfast and short message/talk regarding the Christian walk. Men and women will be challenged to think on the topics raised during the month and put their faith to work on a daily basis.

4) Spring Outreach: A free BBQ open to all who are interested in learning more about Christian living in Vidin. The church will provide a free lunch/BBQ and set up games in the park. Those who attend will be invited to learn more about the city-wide church ( a group of 6 churches working together in Vidin) and the gospel message will be shared. We are hoping to be able to provide some free Christian literature as well.

5) Summer mission’s trip: the youth would like to take a summer mission’s trip within Bulgaria to share their faith and activate that which is already in them. There are opportunities within the country amongst the refugee populations, poor villages, etc. We need to come to a decision on where, but the opportunities are abundant for local mission. This is a great time for youth to take what they have been learning and put it to use and see God’s love, faithfulness and mercy.

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