We are a ministry which networks with various Christian churches, groups, and organizations from different backgrounds as we seek to further the Gospel and connect with Bible-believing Christians.

We partner with Door of Hope International, which is the business name of the organization Evangelism to Communist Lands (ECL). They are the non-profit organization which helps us manage support (so-called “fiscal sponsor”). The organization was founded in the 1970s by the late pastor Haralan Popov. Pr. Popov had spent over 13 years in communist prisons and labor camps for his faith. Upon release from his prison term, God opened the door for his reunion with his wife and children in the West. He eventually moved to the US where he started raising awareness among American and Western Christians about the condition in which their brothers lived, worshiped, and witness behind the Iron Curtain. For the purpose of this ministry, he started Evangelism to Communist Lands (ECL), a 501c3 non-profit organization, which today operates as Door of Hope International.

Pr. Popov wrote a book about his experience in communist prisons “Tortured for His Faith” which was widely circulated and translated in many languages. Being a voice for persecuted Christians in communist lands became the legacy of Pr. Popov.

Viktor’s work in advocacy for religious liberty in the post-communist environment seems to have a natural connection to this man’s mission.

The antichrist spirit is alive and active even under democratic political conditions. Opposition to the spread of the Gospel of salvation in Bulgaria and other European and post-communist societies is paramount. Therefore, the right to freedom of religion and proper understanding of the church-state dynamic remain significant part of the witness and mission of the Christian church for soul-winning and to society at large.

Other affiliations

Viktor is an “allied attorney” with the Alliance Defending Freedom – an international Christian lawyers’ organization defending religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the traditional family. ADF’s work is similar to Viktor’s ministry in defense of the Christian’s right to worship and preach the gospel without state interference and defending traditional family values.

We have a local church ministry as well where we lead and teach the Bible. In some of our outreach, we sometimes partner with short term missionaries from abroad. Throughout the years our ministry partners were individuals, churches, and Christian organizations in Bulgaria, the Netherlands,  USA, and the UK.