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Church and State in Bulgaria: Freedoms Renounced

“The book of Acts has always been a better handbook on freedom than even the most democratic of constitutions or charters on human rights.”

The link will take you to the scanned copy of the article. I wrote it for The Christian Century in 2000. This was my first publication in the US periodical on the subject and ever.

The magazine’s website can be accessed here: Since a generation has changed at this point this magazine seems to have turned extremely neo-liberal and leftist, away from biblical truth. When I published the article with them we were all still in the era of excitement from the collapse of communism, while today “gender identity” seems to be of great concern to the authors and editors at this magazine.

Haunted by Totalitarianism: Communism No Longer┬áMenaces Bulgarian┬áChurches — In Theory
Christianity Today, October 2001

Eleven years ago, it seemed that the beast of communism, which had set its face against the church of Jesus Christ, was dead in Eastern Europe. I remember the 200,000 Bulgarians with raised hands and open souls standing in Sofia’s downtown square in 1991. They gathered not to march in honor of the ruling party but to hear an overseas evangelist preach Christ and heal the sick.

What to do with a Communist Informant?
Christianity Today, January 2007

Christian Mission in Post-Communism: Missiological Implications and the Bulgarian Context
Religion in Eastern Europe, May 2009
Or here:

Religious freedom and church-state relations in post-communist Bulgarian society: Missiological implications
by Kostov, Viktor Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Intercultural Studies, 2009, 308 pages; AAT 3364989. You can even order my dissertation from the ProQuest service associated with UMI — one of the largest publisher and distributor of dissertations. That is if you want to spend the exorbitant amount they charge even for a PDF file.

Bulgaria: ‘Child Law’ Bill Threatens the Family With Totalitarian Social Engineering
Christian Post Europe article by Viktor Kostov, April 2012

Faith That Works: Worshiping God or Caesar? – Feb. 26, 2013

State Schooling v. Homeschooling in Bulgaria (Random Email)
This email was published in 2013 by a group of US homeschoolers; they liked the perspective on freedom of education and lack thereof from a post-communist context angle.

Fighting for religious freedom is not fighting for idolatry
A reaction to pastor John MacArthur’s comment in the opposite sense in 2021. Published in The Christian Post.