Ministry related and produced videos.

My speech at the Future of Central Europe Conference, held in Prague, Czech Republic, in October 2023
On this page of the event you can also read the script of the presentation

You can read ADF’s announcement of the court decision on this webpage.

The Religious Freedom Case before the European Court of Human Rights Explained Weeks before the Favorable Decision

Church and Outreach

2014 Youth Outreach to orphans.

Church and Youth Work. To view subtitles in English on this video, click “CC” at the bottom right of the video frame.

Freedom and Justice Ministry: Advocacy and Religious Freedom

This is an ad for God and Caesar International Conference in Bulgaria, 2011: Defending freedom of faith from an over-reaching state OR WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Apologetics and Advocacy: This is my rebuttal of a TV show which in 2010 depicted evangelical all Christians in a disturbingly negative light.

Apologetics of the Christian Faith on Bulgarian National Television from Viktor Kostov on Vimeo. Click here for the full transcript of Viktor’s defense of the Christian faith in fulfillment of the right to a response to slanderous accusations.

The video contains my apologetics, based on the Bible and on the secular law, and a second part of short history of Protestant (Evangelical) churches in Bulgaria and was an unprecedented event for Bulgarian media. The video was aired as we won the legal “right to a response” on behalf of over 25 evangelical churches and organizations which I represented. The estimated audience of this most popular show, who heard the apologetics and the gospel is 1.5-2 million. English subtitles embedded. OR WATCH THE 20 MIN VIDEO HERE

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