Why give?

Here is briefly our philosophy on receiving support for our ministry.

The work of gospel ministry is reliant on the free and joyous giving of Christ’s followers. If God’s people did not give, we’d be doing something else, not this ministry. As a Christian ministry, we rely heavily on donations and grants to be able to support ourselves and our work.

We are a faith-based operation, which means that we do not necessarily expect to have all needed funds in place before we initiate a project. What this means is that we need committed supporters led by the Holy Spirit and inspired by God-given generosity. We often have had to make the decision to begin certain work before we have all needed funds secured.

Thirdly, we are committed to biblically responsible, good stewardship. Our personal/ministry budget is planned to meet all needs within a simple lifestyle. The Lord has been faithful in His provision throughout the years in various situations and financial challenges.

Applying common sense and wisdom in planning our financial situation we see as an expression of faith, not of unbelief. That’s why we encourage fellow Christians and organizations to commit to a regular support once they feel that they can connect with our calling and work and are comfortable with our organizational fiscal sponsor.

You can visit the donations page of our website for various options to join our support team and donate by check, credit card or PayPal. You’re welcome to give a one-time or special gift.

Finally, to answer the question: Why give to us? If God leads you to invest in our work, you will be supporting an established Christian ministry reaching out in a hard land of a people of serious need of the Word and Work of the Gospel. Bulgaria has been an atheist and godless nation for many years and despite economic and political changes lately, and slight betterment, the people remain in heavy spiritual bondage and hopelessness. Yet, through the years the Lord has opened doors for us to minister truth, hope and freedom to those hungry for His Word and His Spirit. We do this through our local church we lead, and reaching out on a national and international level. God has generously opened doors in connecting with God’s people and ministries and in national media outlets.

Your partnership with us, when led by the Holy Spirit, will be effective, a blessing, and remains crucial to further God’s work.

Thank you for your consideration. May your giving for the cause of the gospel bless you as it blesses us.

You may visit our Donate Page to contribute.

If you are interested in the apologetics of giving to the church and Christian ministry in a largely atheist country you can click on the link below which will take you to the video (English subtitles). I gave this statement on the second largest TV network in Bulgaria, as a legal “right to response” to a show which mischaracterized evangelical Christians using the witness of only one, and rather disturbed interviewee. Often the enemies of Christianity will seek to accuse believers of collecting money. While it may occasionally be true that some churches and leaders may be tempted to “use the gospel for unjust gain” it is also a fact that true churches are not supported by people’s taxes or government grants but by the sacrificial giving of members and sympathizers. I was able, by God’s grace to win this valuable time for Bulgarian evangelical Christians out of court, after negotiations on behalf of about 30 churches and organizations with the producers of the offending show, and to address this accusation among many others. Estimated 1.5-2 million watched the 20 min video with the rebuttal, heard the gospel, and heard the history of the Protestantism (evangelicalism) in Bulgaria.

Watch the video (this case was in 2010).

If you’d like to read an outline of biblical reasoning of giving you can visit this page. Please, mind that while the first part of the article is solidly based on the Scriptures, the second half has the flavor or the denominational interpretation of some giving practices of the denomination that has published the page.

For a choice of ways to give, including through our partnering 501(c)3 organization, visit our Donate page.

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