Areas of Ministry

  • Church and Bible teaching
  • Mission and missiological training
  • Freedom and Justice in the Public Square

Our ministry has various aspects as we put our efforts in different areas of need. Our ministry aims to “equip the church and engage the culture.” We do this in the Eastern European and Bulgarian context and as the Lord leads us. Our ministry has both local and national, and sometime international, dimensions.

Church and Bible Teaching

Equipping the church is a work that requires hearing God, following His guidance through obeying the Holy Spirit and abiding in Christ’s teachings. And a lot of patience. One cannot equip the church if they are not equipped by God themselves.

As the church, the people of God, are equipped for a godly life, thus we can bring the message of Jesus Christ, and God’s ways to a wayward and hopeless people — the world, or “the culture.” Engaging the culture means bringing the Gospel of hope to those who are seeking; it may also mean bringing the warning of divine judgment to those who are obstinately perverting justice and God’s ways. This prophet-evangelist dynamic is critical as it is a part of the message of hope delivered by the same church, which has received and appropriated the message in itself.

Mission and Missiological Training

Part of the building of the church and the engagement of those in the world with the Gospel involves explaining the missionary essence of the teaching of Christ. Without actively discerning the times and engaging the people with the message of salvation and the pending judgment our church life becomes rather pointless. That’s why explaining New Testament mission and practically engaging in it is part of our work. Academic or practical biblical training in this regard is conducted depending on the context. We hold conferences for lawyers and leaders, as well as have served the poor and the orphans.

Freedom and Justice in the Public Square

Christian ministry does not happen only in the church, during the Sunday morning worship service. Hence, our work may seem quite secular at some points (religious freedom and justice issues) and rather spiritual at other times (preaching the Gospel, Bible study, spiritual discipleship). Yet the essence in our ministry is that in all we do we seek to express the Lord’s work on the cross, His current engagement in the lives of people, and the exception of His glorious return and righteous judgment.

We cannot give more than what we already have. That is why in our equipping others we rely on going back to God and His Word for more wisdom, faith, friendship and direction. He gives to those who ask Him and do not doubt (James 1:5-8).More details about how this work looks in daily life and detail you can find in our newsletters (Note: subscriptions to our newsletter through this web site, without any prior communication with us in person, are subject to review and approval.)