Viktor Kostov Ministries Update, published at www.kmission.org, is a website published and administered by Viktor Kostov, Ph.D., missiologist and attorney-at-law.

Viktor is a missionary, missiologist (theology and methodology of mission) and a Bulgarian-licensed attorney. He works as an advocate for the freedom of religion and speech in the court of law, in media, and at organized public events since 1992. He has been defending the right of the church to gather, worship and witness and the right to free education the right of Christian parents to freely choose the form of education for their children, including home education, without government interference as part of his Christian ministry.

Areas of Engagement

Our work is educational, charitable and human rights (religious freedom and free speech).

Since 2000, Viktor’s work expands to include public and academic involvement with the church and outreach, including charity work to kids in state-run orphanages. Viktor writes academic and popular articles and publishes a website in Bulgarian dedicated to foster discussion and debate on church-state relations and Christian witness in the public square.

Viktor is joined in his efforts in other areas of Christian work by his wife, Teresa. We work with the local church, but also on the national and international levels. We network with churches, denominations, academics and advocacy Christian groups for the purpose of advancing the freedom to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to further just causes for the kingdom of God. We apply the gifts God has given us as well as the training in the Word and other formal education and experience we have achieved by God’s providence.


The post-communist Bulgarian social and political context is significantly atheist and anti-religious. The state still strives to regulate most areas of life including matters of faith and the family. The spread of the Gospel and of God’s Word is determined by the strong and overwhelming presence of the state and its bureaucracy. Without understanding and properly addressing this issue (of the role and the place of the state in Bulgarian mind, worldview, and society) any Christian ministry and mission will remain largely ineffective. Our work is to discern and engage the cultural strongholds and idols to allow for a more effective preaching and teaching of the Word of God.


Our main focus is justice & apologetics, teaching God’s Word, and evangelistic and mercy outreach. More about our work —  on this site or if you sign up for our ministry updates by email (Note: online subscriptions to our email list, without prior communication, are subject to review and approval.

About this Website

Here you will find information about us, about our ministry, our reflections based on the revelation of the Scriptures in the blog section, and ways to donate and help this work. Thank you, for being part of our team!

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