The new village road

In 2010 I was hired as a legal consultant to represent a mayor of a small viallge in Southern Bulgaria. He was an evangelical Christian whose greatest issue was to have a road built for the people of his viallge. The village was in the mountains separated by 30 km (about 18 miles) from the rest of the world by a dirt road which went through private property; the owner of the property did not allow the villagers to use the path going through his piece of land.
This man and myself went to the Prime-minster’s office and spoke to the Chief executive in his cabinet on issues of local communities. We had about a half an hour meeting. I insisted that the prime-minister and the cabinet consider the need of these people who were sidelined by local authorities inclined to favor Muslims. We were able to secure the promise of the officials that political issues will not block the promised building of the road for Osikovo any further. Soon after our meeting the minister of finance visited the place and was appalled at the conditions of the road. Below are the pictures showing that the central government had started the building of the road which will cost several million USD. The mayor and his supporters are celebrating the news of the end of this ordeal which lasted over 50 years. The residents of Osikovo will now have a road.

Pictures of the village and the construction of the new road:

How the villagers cook:

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