Great commission: Go, give, pray

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-18), at a closer reading, is not a wishful thinking. It is a command of the Lord. We participate in this endeavor accroding to our ability and calling. to whomever much is given much will be required from at the day of account. We cannot all be missionaries. We cannot all be apostles and prophets. We cannot all be businessmen. But we are all to be “commissionaries” with Christ for the glory of His name. Not all have the same calling yet the call is issued to all–Go and make disciples. We can be a part of this “salvation business” of the Kingdom of God as we put our trust in Him first and learn how to be dependent on God and interdependent on the community of the brothers. Some will go, some will give, and some will pray. But we all can come together in this most revolutionary and most wonderful enterpirse of all times: Living for Jesus and teaching all who are hungry for meaning and life the same.

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