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Viktor teaches the Word of God and preaches at the Christian Mission Center, a church he co-founded and co-leads.

Academics and Publishing
Church-State after the Fall of Communism, 2013

Church-State after the Fall of Communism, 2013

Viktor is on the faculty of the National Alliance United Churches of God of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute and teaches the courses Missiology and Introduction to Law: Religious Rights and Freedoms. Publishes articles in secular and Christian media and in academic journals.

Viktor is the editor-in-chief, and the publisher, of a series of collections of papers by Bulgarian Evangelical and Orthodox theologians and missiologists on the subject of church-state relations in Bulgaria after the collapse of communism:

Cover of Christianity and Politics, in Bulgarian, 2015

Partial view of the cover of Christianity and Politics, 2015

Church-State Relations After the Fall of Communism (2013) – view table of contents in English here, Christianity and Politics: Cooperation or Conflict (2015). The collections are in Bulgarian but have an English language section which allows the English speaker to get an idea of the contents. More info here: you must look for the text and links in English. Table of contents for Christianity and Politics in English. Abstracts of all chapters in English.

If you would like to order a volume use this page or just write to us.

The third volume in the series that we are currently working on is titled Christianity and National Security: Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary Importance. The third volume is expected to come out of print in September 2017.

We also have a small publishing program, as part of our ministry. Between 2005 and 2016 we have published 7 titles of Christian theology and missiology, fiction, biographical fiction, and a children’s book. Visit our online bookstore here (in Bulgarian).