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Donate to our Building Fund — building a missionary Christian community and hope with the gospel of Christ in the poorest area of the European Union. Since 2009 we have invested labor and finances in three properties, as we rented the facilities only to have to change the property after a few years. Exorbitant rent increases, legal improprieties, disloyal business practices have been a part of our experience in all three cases. The purchase of a reasonably valued real property will help us save money in the long run and help us run our charitable and church ministry as better stewards. If you are interested in helping us meet the need, please, email us for further information at

For donations in the US, use our standard support page  just include a memo of designation “building fund.” So far we have raised 60% of the estimated need.


View our web page with the latest updates on the fundraising for the building of the mission center.

In order to give to this project visit our Donate Page and give through the options there. Just make sure that when you put our name or the account S15 mention also “building fund.”

Thank you!

Our current church and mission center front in Bulgaria.

Our church and mission center front in Bulgaria which we currently rent. Our third 10 years.











Photos from one of our latest outreaches, where we preached the Good News of salvation and delivered much-needed supplies and care packages:

Missionary boys

Noah, left, and two visiting missionary boys, Peter and David

Loading up the missionary van

Noah and the boys help load donated supplies in our van for the old folks home in Orsoya, a village 30 miles from our place

Teresa in the old folks home

Teresa, second from right, with some of the residents in one of the old folks home’s where we visit for ministry

Teresa and residents

Teresa, left, with some of the residents

Missionary kids rest

The missionary kids rest after performing music in the main meeting room and in the individual rooms for the bedridden residents of the disabled people’s home

Kids in front of fortress

The team of missionary kids at the ancient fortress in our town

Kids play in the park near river

The missionary kids take time to play in the part near the Danube river



More photos from 2018 and 2019 charity outreaches.