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If the Bible is true word of God, then why are all the Bibles different?

Someone asked the above question on one of the now so popular websites that populate the internet. Here is our answer.

Church-State Relations After the Fall of Comminism

Our new volume containing 10 articles from equal number of E. Orthodox and Evangelical authors just came of the press. The articles are based on the conference we held in May last year (2012). The volume addresses the way both evangelicals and Orthodox do and should related to the secular state in post communist era. I had the privelege to be the editor and compiler of this work of renown Bulgarian Orthodox and Protestant (evangelical) thinkers. You can view the promotional web site here and even order a copy but be aware that only three pages are in English – the title page and the table of contents.


Viktor’s speech at the Berlin Home Education Conference of 2012

Viktor speaks at Berlin GHEC 2012

Viktor speaks at Berlin GHEC 2012

In November 2012 I participated in the first global home education conference in Berlin. On these links you can both read my statement and listen to the session where I was able to present. Home education is a very important format for Christians training their children in the faith and in proper critical thinking. Therefore it will remain part of our work of spreading the Gospel and doing justice.

You may watch the whole session on the Court of Law at the conference here (Viktor is the second speaker at about 11 min).

Berlin GHEC – Court of Law


God is Able – by Hillsong

Ministry in Burgas

Burgas is one of the two major Bulgarian cities on the Black Sea coast. We were there by invitation of one of the pastors of one of the evangelical churches there. Here is an online video stream of the church service in Burgas (Blagovestie, or Gospel, with pastor Jivko Tonchev) on Feb. 27, 2011. I gave the sermon and the pastor asked the whole family to share about our ministry at the end of the service. We had a great time fellowshipping with the saints in the church and the pastor’s family.
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